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How do you find the right plumber?

Crown Plumbing and Heating in Smithville knows what it takes to get your plumbing job done right, whether it is a less-complex task, such as replacing a toilet, or a complex one, such as re-piping large portions of your home.

When a plumbing issue arises and you are considering whom to hire to do a job, you might want to scan the listings or go by word of mouth from others who have had good experiences. Of course, you want to save money, but at the same time, you have to beware of fly-by-night operations that at first blush might look to have the potential to save you a few dollars, but will actually leave you in worse shape than when you started.

A reputable plumbing service will provide you with an estimate after it does a thorough inspection and determines how much work will be involved in the project. Beware of anyone who tries to give you an estimate without seeing what needs to be done. Then get the estimate in writing, as a verbal one holds no legal validity.

Also be wary if the estimate you receive is drastically less than what most plumbers would charge for a comparable job. Do a background check on the company, making sure they have a physical address, instead of just a post office box or a cellphone number. Make sure you pay only when all work is completed, although for larger projects it is normal to advance an amount for the purchase of parts and materials. Finally, be suspicious of significant increases in costs in the middle of the project, which may mean either ineptness or dishonesty on the part of the plumber.

Finding a plumbing company that meets all these criteria and that you can trust can be a difficult task, but you can make it easy on yourself if you live in Smithville or surrounding areas. Bill Crown Plumbing and Heating is family owned and operated, has been serving satisfied customers for over 30 years and offers a 100 per cent guarantee on their services.

Their plumbers are continually taking courses to stay up to date, so contact Crown Plumbing and Heating today for professional and reliable service. They are at 405 Mud Street East in Smithville and can be reached at 905-945-3883.

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